Llawr Sglefrio Glannau Dyfrdwy - 28/09/18 Bydd Sesiwn Llawr Sglefrio Cyhoeddus 11am - 3pm ar gau oherwydd digwyddiad ysgolion. Hamdden a Llyfrgelloedd Aura - 26/09/18 Bydd y rhan fwyaf o'n cyfleusterau a'n gwasanaethau ar gau o 7.30am tan 11.00am. Mae'n ddrwg gennym am unrhyw anghyfleustra a achosir. Canolfan Hamdden yr Wyddgrug - Mae ein gampfa a stiwdio newydd gwych yng Nghanolfan Hamdden yr Wyddgrug bellach ar agor. Edrychwn ymlaen at eich croesawu yn fuan. Fflint Pafiliwn Jade Jones - Mae'n ddrwg gennym ond bydd yr Ystafell Ffitrwydd ym Mlwyf Pafiliwn Jade Jones ar gau o ddydd Sadwrn, 29 Medi ac ni fydd yn ailagor tan ddydd Sadwrn, 6 Hydref gan fod angen inni gymhwyso'r cyffrous terfynol i'r gampfa newydd wych . Mae'r Ystafelloedd Ffitrwydd yng Nghanolnau Hamdden Glannau Dyfrdwy a'r Wyddgrug yn parhau ar agor yn ystod gampfa'r Fflint ac maent ar gael i'w defnyddio ar gyfer aelodau. Rydym yn ymddiheuro i holl gwsmeriaid ffyddlon ein Fflint am unrhyw anghyfleustra a achosir ac rydym yn edrych ymlaen at eich croesawu eto yn fuan iawn.

Change is coming…

This year, you will experience changes in the way our leisure centres and libraries are operated.  This includes a new company name, Aura.

Aura Leisure Logo Screen Square

You will see a new employee uniform, website, a new colour scheme and improvements to the appearance of our buildings and promotional materials. There will be changes to some of our current processes relating to the hire and payment of facilities.

Why the change?

Aura is a brand new charitable organisation owned by its employees and operated for the benefit of all local communities. We are committed to delivering high quality, customer-focused leisure, libraries & heritage services in a way that is financially viable and sustainable.

Flintshire County Council, which currently manages these buildings, believes that this new approach and outlook provides the best opportunity for these popular services to be retained and enhanced for residents both now and in the future.

We appreciate the continued support of our loyal customers and ask for your patience and understanding over the coming months as we make these necessary changes.

Please ask to speak to a member of the management team if you require any further information.