How to make Ad Hoc / Single Session Bookings

Customers are required to pay for all ad hoc / single session bookings (e.g. booking a badminton court one evening) at the time the reservation is made.

A refund will not be granted for any cancelled booking unless a minimum of 24 hours notice is provided.

Customers are permitted to transfer their booking to an alternative time or venue with less than 24 hours notice (subject to availability).

To book and pay for single session activities via credit/debit card please visit the 'Book Online' area at the bottom of the page.

How to Book Multiple Sessions / Block Bookings

This type of booking is available to sports clubs and community groups that wish to reserve multiple sessions on the same day(s) and at the same time(s), week after week, throughout the year.

Customers are required to complete a booking form for their chosen leisure centre site. This includes details regarding the hirer’s contact details, the tariff charge, estimated numbers attending, layout of equipment and payment method.

For more information about block bookings submit an enquiry.

Activities available to book on-line:
  • Badminton courts
  • Squash courts
  • Table tennis
  • Exercise classes
  • Indoor five-a-side football (where applicable)
  • Artificial turf pitches
  • 3G pitches
How to Book Online or Register to be an actif card holder in order to Book Online

Please read the following information carefully prior to accessing the on-line booking system via the Book Online link below: 1. You must be a registered actif card holder in order to make an on-line booking. actif Card 2. You will require a Member ID and Personal PIN Number once you have registered in order to Login to our on-line booking system. How do I obtain my Member ID and Personal PIN Number?

  • Email or telephone 01352 702436 (Mon - Fri, 8.30am -6pm & Sat - Sun, 9am - 12pm) providing us with your actif card number and a valid email address. The actif card number begins ‘FLS’ and is located underneath the bar code.
  • Unfortunately, we are unable to provide your Member ID and Personal PIN number without your actif card number and a valid email address.

3. All on-line bookings MUST be paid for at the time of booking. Your booking will not be confirmed until payment is made. 4. Our on-line booking system runs in parallel with our front-of-house operation in each leisure centre. Customers are therefore advised to complete their on-line booking (including payment) within a time period of 20 minutes. 5. Customers are advised that should they confirm an on-line booking but do not subsequently make payment, the booking will remain on their Member Account as an unpaid debt until a time period of 20 minutes has lapsed. The booking will then be deleted. 6. Our on-line booking system is unable to meet customer preferences in relation to booked activities taking place on specific courts or pitches. For example, if you book a badminton court you will be allocated one of the four or five badminton courts available at your chosen site. We are unable to guarantee that you will play on Court No.4 (should that be your preferred court). 7. All of our activities that are available to book on-line are for single sessions only. We are currently unable to offer subscription-type activities. 8. Should you have any concerns about using our on-line booking system, either before or after making a booking, please contact or telephone 01352 702436 (Opening Hours:  (Mon - Fri, 8.30am -6pm & Sat - Sun, 9am - 12pm) 9. Leisure Services welcomes feedback from customers on the services it offers. If you have any general comments regarding the on-line booking system, or suggestions for improvement, please let us know at Please read the accompanying ‘Screen Guide’ (see useful documents) prior to accessing the on-line booking system. If you are now ready to book on-line, please follow the link below to access the login screen and begin the booking process:


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