Mold Fitness Suite

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Mold Fitness Suite is located on a dual use site with Mold Alun High School, The Fitness Suite being located at the rear end of the Leisure Centre. Our facility is single storey hosting both fitness/cardiovascular equipment e.g. treadmills and bikes and also fixed weighted equipment e.g. Leg press and chest press machines. Everything you need for a full body workout!!

  • 15 pieces of Fitness/cardiovascular equipment
  • 9 Fixed weight resistance machines
  • A Dual Adjustable Pulley cable machine
  • Arke, a functional training station
  • Plus Dumbbells from 4kg-32kg.

We offer a variety of membership packages from direct debit, annual upfront payments or even pay as you go. None of our memberships require a contract, so you can cancel at any time. All new members are required to go through a joining process which will involve a blood pressure check as standard with optional body composition analysis. Our highly qualified instructors after identifying your goals can tailor individual workout programmes and personally guide you through them with expert safe instruction, followed by regular reviews as you progress and start to see results!!!

Opening times:

Monday to Friday 7am-10pm
Saturday and Sunday 8am-6pm

Contact Us

Phone: 01352 704333

Fitness Classes

We also host a programme of 26 varied fitness Classes available to you day or night, appealing to all abilities.